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NTPSNMPD(1)		      Programmer's Manual		   NTPSNMPD(1)

       ntpsnmpd - NTP SNMP MIB agent

       ntpsnmpd [-flag [value]]... [--opt-name [[=| ]value]]...

       All arguments must be options.

       This  manual page briefly documents the ntpsnmpd command.  Its descrip‐
       tion is not documented.

       -n, --nofork
	      Do not fork.

       -p, --syslog
	      Log to syslog().

	      The socket address ntpsnmpd uses to connect to  net-snmpd.   The
	      default string for this option is:

	      [<transport-specifier>:]<transport-address>  The	default is the
	      Unix Domain  socket  "unix:/var/agentx/master".  Another	common
	      alternative is tcp:localhost:705.

       -?, --help
	      Display extended usage information and exit.

       -!, --more-help
	      Extended usage information passed thru pager.

       -> [rcfile], --save-opts[=rcfile]
	      Save  the	 option state to rcfile.  The default is the last con‐
	      figuration file listed in the OPTION PRESETS section, below.

       -< rcfile, --load-opts=rcfile, --no-load-opts
	      Load options from rcfile.	 The no-load-opts  form	 will  disable
	      the  loading of earlier RC/INI files.  --no-load-opts is handled
	      early, out of order.

       - [{v|c|n}], --version[={v|c|n}]
	      Output version of program and exit.  The default mode is `v',  a
	      simple  version.	 The `c' mode will print copyright information
	      and `n' will print the full copyright notice.

       Any option that is not marked as not presettable may be preset by load‐
       ing  values from configuration ("RC" or ".INI") file(s) and values from
       environment variables named:
	 NTPSNMPD_<option-name> or NTPSNMPD
       The environmental presets take precedence (are  processed  later	 than)
       the  configuration  files.   The homerc files are "$HOME", and ".".  If
       any of these are directories, then the  file  .ntprc  is	 searched  for
       within those directories.

       David L. Mills and/or others
       Please send bug reports to:  http://bugs.ntp.org, bugs@ntp.org

       see html/copyright.html

       This  manual  page  was AutoGen-erated from the ntpsnmpd option defini‐

( 4.2.6p5)			  2011-12-24			   NTPSNMPD(1)

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