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NSRPORTS(8)							   NSRPORTS(8)

       nsrports - port configuration tool

       nsrports [ -s server ] [ -S | -C ] [ range ...  ]

       The nsrports command is used to display and set ranges of ports used by
       the NetWorker software. A range of ports may be either a single integer
       or  two integers separated by a dash (-).  Any integer used to define a
       range of ports must be from 0 to 65535. The range 0-0 is treated equiv‐
       alent to 0-65535.  The port ranges are stored by nsrexecd(8) in the NSR
       system port ranges resource.  When nsrports  is	executed  without  any
       options,	 the  program displays the configured ranges for the system on
       which the command is being run.

       Users executing nsrports can change the system ports to be used.	 There
       are  also  two  additional  options  for	 viewing  and setting the port
       ranges.	The first is by using the NetWorker Management	Console.   The
       second is by using nsradmin(8).	Execute the program as follows:

	      # nsradmin -s server -p nsrexec

       where  server  is  the system for which ports are to be displayed.  The
       administrator attribute for this resource can be modified  with	either
       the  NetWorker  Management Console or nsradmin(8) by any user currently
       on the administrator list.

       -s server
	      Specifies the system to contact.

       -S     Sets the system's service ports to  the  ranges  specified.   By
	      default  NetWorker  defines  a  range  of	 7937-9936 for service

       -C     Sets the system's connection ports to the ranges specified.   By
	      default NetWorker defines a range of 0-0 for connection ports.

       Setting two service port ranges 7937-9936 and 9999
		 nsrports -S 7937-9936 9999

       nsrexecd(5), nsradmin(8),

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			   NSRPORTS(8)

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