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NSRMMGD(8)							    NSRMMGD(8)

       nsrmmgd - the NetWorker daemon that manages jukebox operations.


       The nsrmmgd daemon provides an RPC-based service that manages all juke‐
       box operations on behalf of the nsrd NetWorker server.

       The nsrd server maintains all of the RAP resources  that	 describe  the
       state  of any jukeboxes and their associated devices, pools, and opera‐
       tions.  The nsrmmgd daemon is  the  process  that  is  responsible  for
       ensuring	 that  the necessary jukebox operations actually get performed
       when needed by nsrd.

       nsrmmgd runs on the same host as the nsrd server, and there will be  at
       most  one  such	daemon	running.   Multiple  nsrlcpd  daemons (one per
       enabled jukebox) may be started and controlled by nsrmmgd to handle the
       lower-level  control  of,  and interface to, the various jukeboxes. The
       nsrlcpd processes that nsrmmgd manages may be distributed across multi‐
       ple hosts, since nsrlcpd runs on the host that the jukebox is on.

       The  nsrmmgd  daemon  is invoked automatically by nsrd when needed, and
       never needs to be started directly by a	user.  If  nsrd	 detects  that
       there are any jukeboxes configured and enabled, then it will start nsr‐
       mmgd as part of the nsrd startup process.  If no jukeboxes are  enabled
       when  nsrd  starts up, then nsrmmgd will not be started until such time
       as a jukebox resource gets  added,  or  an  existing  disabled  jukebox
       resource is enabled.

       The RPC program number for nsrmmgd is 390430.

		 The  file  to	which nsrmmgd and other NetWorker daemons send
		 information about various error conditions that cannot other‐
		 wise be logged using the NetWorker event mechanism.

       nsr(8), nsr_service(5), nsr_op(5), nsrd(8), nsrlcpd(8),

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			    NSRMMGD(8)

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