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NSRLCPD(8)							    NSRLCPD(8)

       nsrlcpd - NetWorker library control program daemon

       nsrlcpd -s server N mmgd_daemon_num -n lcpd_daemon_num

       The  nsrlcpd  daemon  provides  a uniform library interface to the Net‐
       Worker media management daemon, nsrmmgd.	 The nsrlcpd implements	 class
       specific	 protocols  to	communicate to the NetWorker supported library
       classes which include:

       o SCSI medium changers connected	 through  SCSI	cables,	 fibre-channel
	 SANs or NDMP Services.

       o Microsoft Removable Storage Subsystems.

       o Standard Tape Libraries (STL), sometimes refered to as "SILO" Subsys‐

       o AlphaStor Media Management Subsystems.

       The nsrlcpd manages the library subsystem media, slot, drive  and  port
       resources providing control to move and access the resources within the
       library subsystems.

       The NetWorker media management service starts one  nsrlcpd  daemon  for
       each virtual jukebox instance defined in the NetWorker server's config‐
       uration resource database. Each nsrlcpd daemon will be started  on  the
       NetWorker Storage Node which has access to the library subsystem inter‐
       face. Once the nsrlcpd daemon is started, it provides the ability to:

       o Accept configuration information to access and control the library.

       o Report	 library  components  and  characteristics   as	  controllable

       o Report accessible media within the library.

       o Allocate and deallocate media for use by the NetWorker application.

       o Load and unload media into read and writable devices.

       o Deposit and withdraw media into the library systems.

       The  nsrlcpd  daemon provides an RPC-based library control program ser‐
       vice across network boundaries. The RPC program number for  nsrlcpd  is
       390429.	To  support multiple instances, the RPC version number used by
       the nsrlcpd during the RPC service registration is calculated by multi‐
       plying 100 by the nsrlcpd daemon number and adding 1, which is the base
       version. For example, a	nsrlcpd	 process  started  with	 the  command,
       "nsrlcpd	 -s NetWorkerServer -N 1 -n 2" would register with the program
       number 390429 and the version number 201.

       -s server
	      Specify the controlling NetWorker server.

       -N mmgd daemon num
	      Specify the nsrmmgd daemon number.

       -n lcpd daemon num
	      Specify the nsrlcpd daemon number.

		 The file to which nsrlcpd and other  NetWorker	 daemons  send
		 information about various error conditions that cannot other‐
		 wise be logged using the NetWorker event mechanism.

       nsr(8), nsr_service(5), nsrmmgd(8),

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			    NSRLCPD(8)

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