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NSRJOBD(8)							    NSRJOBD(8)

       nsrjobd - NetWorker Jobs monitoring daemon


       The  nsrjobd  daemon  is	 one  of  the  NetWorker server daemons. It is
       responsible for spawning and monitoring of ´jobs´ of  NetWorker	client
       binaries.  All executions of save(8), savefs(8) and savegrp(8) are con‐
       sidered jobs. Every execution of the binary is  considered  a  separate
       job.   nsrjobd  allows  for  monitoring and long term recording of Net‐
       Worker activities.  Ultimately, all functionality requiring  monitoring
       or  remote  execution will be considered a job and handled with help of

       nsrjobd extends the capabilities previously  offered  by	 nsrexec.   An
       example	of where nsrjobd's capabilities are taken advantage of is when
       savegrp(8) requires execution of save(8) and savefs(8).
       In addition to the remote spawning, nsrjobd collects run-time  informa‐
       tion  to	 be  used  by  the NetWorker GUI to report and monitor on both
       actively running as well as completed jobs.

       For storing job related information,  nsrjobd  maintains	 its  own  RAP
       database	 in  /nsr/res/jobsdb. To prevent this database from constantly
       growing, there is an upper limit of size and a retention period	placed
       on the data in the database.  Data pertaining to completed jobs will be
       migrated to an SQL database  maintained	by  the	 NetWorker  GUI,  then
       deemed  eligible	 for purging from the RAP database. The values for the
       retention period and database size are stored in the  NSR  Resource  in
       nsrd's  RAP  database.  They are configurable by the administrator.  In
       contrast to NetWorker's RAP database, nsrjobd's database is  considered
       an  opaque  data store for nsrjobd's private use, and thus no tools are
       provided for viewing or manipulating its contents.

       nsrjobd is started and stopped automatically when  nsrd(8)  is  started
       and shut down respectively.  It is not meant to be started manually.

       nsrjobd	uses  the client side nsrexecd(8) for remote execution, so the
       NetWorker server requesting command execution must be in	 the  client's
       servers file.

	      Directory holding nsrjobd's RAP database.

       nsrd(8), nsrexecd(8)

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			    NSRJOBD(8)

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