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nfssvc(2)							     nfssvc(2)

       nfssvc - Create a remote NFS server

       int nfssvc(
	       unsigned long udp_so,
	       unsigned long udp_num,
	       unsigned long tcp_so,
	       unsigned long tcp_num );

       Specifies a UDP socket bound to port 2049.  Specifies the number of UDP
       NFS server threads to start (in the low 32 bits)	 and  950410  (in  the
       high  32 bits).	Specifies a TCP socket bound to port 2049 after a call
       to listen(2).  Specifies the number of TCP NFS server threads to start.

       The use of the nfssvc() function is not supported in customer  applica‐
       tions,  and  the	 interface is subject to change without notice.	 It is
       intended for use solely by nfsd(8).

       The nfssvc() function starts NFS server kernel threads and provides TCP
       connection support. If the value of the upper 32 bits of udp_num is not
       950410, TCP threads are not started.

       The nfssvc() function has no successful return.	In fact, it frees  the
       text  and data segments associated with the calling program so there is
       nothing to return to. When interrupted by a  KILL  signal,  the	server
       threads	are  terminated	 and the process exits. If nfssvc() encounters
       errors, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

       If the nfssvc() function fails, errno may be set to one of the  follow‐
       ing  values:  Another  process  is  executing  nfssvc.  An invalid file
       descriptor has been passed to the nfssvc()  function.   More  than  128
       server  and netisr threads were requested.  The caller is not the supe‐

       Functions: async_daemon(2)

       Commands: nfsd(8)


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