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       nfsmount.conf - Configuration file for NFS mounts

       Configuration  file  for NFS mounts that allows options to be set glob‐
       ally, per server or per mount point.

       The configuration file is made up  of  multiple	sections  followed  by
       variables  associated  with  that  section.   A section is defined by a
       string enclosed by [ and ] branches.  Variables are  assignment	state‐
       ments  that assign values to particular variables using the = operator,
       as in Proto=Tcp.	 The variables that can be assigned  are  exactly  the
       set of NFS specific mount options listed in nfs(5).

       Sections	 are  broken  up  into three basic categories: Global options,
       Server options and Mount Point options.

       [ NFSMount_Global_Options ] - This statically named section defines all
	      of  the  global  mount  options that can be applied to every NFS

       [ Server “Server_Name” ] - This section defines all the	mount  options
	      that  should  be	used on mounts to a particular NFS server. The
	      “Server_Name” strings needs to be surrounded by '“'  and	be  an
	      exact match of the server name used in the mount command.

       [  MountPoint  “Mount_Point”  ]	-  This	 section defines all the mount
	      options that should be used on a particular  mount  point.   The
	      “Mount_Point”  string  needs  to	be surrounded by '“' and be an
	      exact match of the mount point used in the mount command.

       These are some example lines of how sections and variables are  defined
       in the configuration file.

       [ NFSMount_Global_Options ]

	      The TCP/IPv4 protocol will be used on every NFS mount.

       [ Server “” ]

	      A	 32k  (32768  bytes)  block  size will be used as the read and
	      write size on all	 mounts	 to  the  ''  server.
	      UDP/IPv6 is the protocol to be used.

	[ MountPoint “/export/home” ]

	      All mounts to the '/export/home' export will be performed in the
		     background (i.e. done asynchronously).

		 Default NFS mount configuration file

       nfs(5), mount(8),

				9 October 2012		      NFSMOUNT.CONF(5)

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