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news(1)								       news(1)

       news - Writes system news items to standard output

       news [-a|-n|-s] | [item...]

       The news command keeps you informed of news concerning the system.

       Displays all news items, regardless of the currency time.  The currency
       time does not change.  Reports the names of current news items  without
       displaying their contents.  The currency time does not change.  Reports
       the number of current news items without displaying their names or con‐
       tents.  The currency time does not change.

       Each  news item is contained in a separate file in the /usr/news direc‐
       tory.  Anyone having read/write permission to this directory can create
       a news file.

       If  you	run the news command without any options, it displays the cur‐
       rent files in /usr/news, beginning with the most recent. You  can  also
       specify the items you want displayed.

       Each  file is preceded by an appropriate header. To avoid reporting old
       news, news stores a currency time. The news command considers your cur‐
       rency   time   to   be	the   modification  time  of  the  file	 named
       $HOME/.news_time. Each time you read the news, the modification time of
       this  file  changes to that of the reading. Only news item files posted
       after this time are considered current.

       Pressing the Interrupt key sequence during the display of a  news  item
       stops the display of that item and starts the next. Pressing the Inter‐
       rupt key sequence again ends news.

       Most users run news each time they log in by  including	the  following
       line in their $HOME/.profile file or in the system's /etc/profile: news

       To display the items that were posted since you	last  read  the	 news,
       enter: news To display all the news items, enter: news -a | pg

	      This displays all the news items a page at a time, regardless of
	      whether you have read them yet.  To list the names of  the  news
	      items that you have not read yet, enter: news -n

	      Each name is a file in the /usr/news directory.  To display spe‐
	      cific news items, enter: news newusers services

	      This displays news about newusers and services, which are	 names
	      listed by news -n.  To display the number of news items that you
	      have not read yet, enter: news -s To post news for  everyone  to
	      read, enter: cp schedule /usr/news

	      This  copies  the file schedule into the system news directory (
	      /usr/news) to create the file /usr/news/schedule.	 To  do	 this,
	      you must have write permission for /usr/news.

       System profile.	News files.  Indicates the last time news was read.

       Commands:  pg(1)


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