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MPCC(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		       MPCC(4)

     mpcc — multi protocol communications controller

     device mp0 at vba? csr 0xffff5000 mpintr mpdlintr
     device mp15 at vba? csr 0xffff5f00 mpintr mpdlintr

     The MPCC has two different connecter panel styles.	 The 16 port MPCC will
     support any combination of SYNC or ASYNC ports.  The 32 port MPCC will
     only support ASYNC ports.	Each async line attached to the MPCC communi‐
     cations controller behaves as described in tty(7) and may be set to run
     at any of 16 speeds; see tty for the encoding.

     Each MPCC controller uses two consecutive entries in the SCB for down‐
     load/handshake, and command/response interrupts.  These entries start at
     0xa0 for the 1st controllers download/handshake interrupts and 0xa1 for
     the 1st controllers command/response.

     The MPCC controller requires a firmware download to be completed before
     it can function.  See dlmpcc(8) and mpcctab(4) for specific information
     on how to configure and download the firmware into the MPCC controller.

     A maximum of 16 MPCC communication controllers can be supported.

     /dev/tty[A-P][0-f]	     for 16 port MPCC
     /dev/tty[A-P][0-f,g-v]  for 32 port MPCC


     The mpcc driver appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe.

     As of the 4.3BSD-Tahoe release, only 16 port mpcc's work, and then only
     in async mode.  Attempting to reload firmware on an mpcc with active
     ports may crash the system.  This should be fixed within a short period
     of time; contact the CSRG at University of California, Berkeley, for
     upgrade information.

BSD				 May 10, 1991				   BSD

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