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MOUNTD(1M)							    MOUNTD(1M)

       mountd - server for NFS mount requests and NFS access checks

       /usr/lib/nfs/mountd [-v] [-r]

       mountd  is  an RPC server that answers requests for NFS access informa‐
       tion  and   file	  system   mount   requests.   It   reads   the	  file
       /etc/dfs/sharetab  to  determine	 which	file systems are available for
       mounting by which remote machines. See sharetab(4). nfsd running on the
       local  server will contact mountd the first time an NFS client tries to
       access the file system to determine whether the client should get read-
       write,  read-only,  or  no  access. This access can be dependent on the
       security mode used in the remoted procedure call from the  client.  See

       The  command  also  provides  information  as  to what file systems are
       mounted by which clients. This information can  be  printed  using  the
       showmount(1M) command.

       The mountd daemon is automatically invoked by share(1M).

       Only super user can run the mountd daemon.

       The  options  shown  below are supported for NFSv2/v3 clients. They are
       not supported for NFSv4 clients.

	     Reject mount requests from clients. Clients that have  file  sys‐
	     tems mounted will not be affected.

	     Run the command in verbose mode. Each time mountd determines what
	     access a client should get, it will log the result	 to  the  con‐
	     sole, as well as how it got that result.

			    shared file system table

       nfsd(1M), share(1M), share_nfs(1M), showmount(1M), nfs(4), sharetab(4),

       Since mountd must be running for nfsd to function properly,  mountd  is
       automatically  started  by  the	svc:/network/nfs/server	 service.  See

       Some routines that compare hostnames use case-sensitive string  compar‐
       isons;  some do not. If an incoming request fails, verify that the case
       of the hostname in the file to be parsed matches the case of the	 host‐
       name called for, and attempt the request again.

				 Mar 02, 2014			    MOUNTD(1M)

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