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mount (SunOS)							 mount (SunOS)

       mount, umount - Mounts and dismounts file systems

       Digital	UNIX  provides	two versions of mount() and unmount(), one for
       BSD which is the default, and the other for System V for compatibility.
       The BSD version requires sys/mount.h, and the System V version requires
       sys/types.h and sys/mount.h.

       The argument declaration for type has changed from (char *) to int.

       The Digital UNIX version supports NFS, UFS, and CDFS, but not RFS.

       Digital UNIX provides the libsys5.a library to allow you to use library
       functions  that	are  compatible with System V library functions.  This
       library contains functions for those libc functions whose  behavior  is
       incompatible with POSIX or X/Open standards. For more information about
       the System V (SVID-2) features in Digital UNIX,	please	refer  to  the
       System V Compatibility User's Guide.

       The argument declaration for datalen has changed from size_t to int.

       The  mount() function does not support specifying the type of file sys‐
       tem, mount flags, such as M_RDONLY and M_NOEXEC, or mount data.	Allows
       you  to	specify	 whether  the file system is a read-only or read/write
       system. Also provides SVID-2 compatibility via the MS_DATA flag.

       The umount() function  does  not	 support  the  MNT_NOFORCE,  MNT_WAIT,
       MNT_FORCE, or MNT_NOWAIT flags.

       Digital UNIX Functions:

	   mount(2), mount(2sv), umount(2), umount(2sv) delim off

								 mount (SunOS)

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