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mhpath(1)							     mhpath(1)

       mhpath  -  print full pathnames of MH messages and folders (only avail‐
       able within the message handling system, mh)

       mhpath [+foldername] [msgs] [-help]

       Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

       Use the mhpath command to display the full pathname  of	the  specified
       folder. If you do not specify a folder, mhpath displays the pathname of
       the current folder.

       If you specify a message with its message number, mhpath	 displays  the
       pathname	 of  the  specified  message. You can also specify a number of
       messages, or a range of messages. If the top  of	 the  range  that  you
       specify is greater than the last message in the folder, mhpath displays
       as much of the specified range as possible.

       Additionally mhpath can take a keyword or a sequence name. The  follow‐
       ing keywords are acceptable: The first message in the folder.  The last
       message in the folder.  The message  after  the	last  message  in  the
       folder.	You  cannot  use  new as part of a message range.  The current
       message in the folder.  The message before the  current	message.   The
       message after the current message.  All of the messages in the folder.

       Path: To determine your Mail directory

       In  the	following  example,  mhpath  displays  message 3 in the folder
       +inbox: % mhpath +inbox 3 /r/phyl/Mail/inbox The following example dis‐
       plays  the  pathname of messages 2 to 5 in the current folder: % mhpath
       2-5  /r/phyl/Mail/inbox/2   /r/phyl/Mail/inbox/3	  /r/phyl/Mail/inbox/4

       The user profile.



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