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MHE()									 MHE()

       mhe - Display interface to Rand Mail Handler

       MHE  is	a  program that provides an Emacs-based display-oriented front
       end to the Rand Mail Handler. By Emacs-based we mean that it  is	 actu‐
       ally  implemented  as an extensive macro package in Emacs, thereby pro‐
       viding access to full Emacs at all points. By display-oriented, we mean
       that  it	 provides windows on mail messages and headers so that you can
       edit your mail directory as if it were a file.

       To get started using MHE without being  an  expert  at  MH,  just  type
       ``mhe''	to  the shell. It will start up Emacs, load the macro package,
       tell you how to initialize things if you have not already done so,  and
       then (assuming things are initialized properly) load your inbox headers
       into its current window in a buffer named ``+inbox''. You can then type
       various	1-character  commands to do mail operations. The ``?'' command
       asks for help.

       If you want to use the Emacs that is inside MHE, just visit a file with
       C-X C-V, in the normal way. If you want to return to the MHE code, just
       make the buffer ``+inbox'' visible again; the key bindings are  buffer-
       local, and will magically return to their mail-reading meanings.

       mh (1)	      - the Rand Mail Handler

       Brian K. Reid

       There is a fundamental design bug in the Unix kernel that prevents more
       than one Emacs process from being able to run at a time. MHE is	imple‐
       mented in Emacs. This means that you cannot have a mail-reading job and
       an editing job active simultaneously. However, since you have access to
       all of Emacs while inside MHE, this is not a serious problem.


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