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MAHA(1)								       MAHA(1)

       maha - make and print interpress files

       maha [ options ] [ files ]

       Maha  (maharani-the Interpress version of the program czarina) reads in
       text files, converts them to interpress format and  ships  them	to  an
       interpress printer.  It also performs some simple page formatting.

       The  environment	 variable MAHA may be used to specify default options.
       The value of MAHA is parsed as a string of arguments before  the	 argu‐
       ments  that  appear  on the command line.  For example, "MAHA=`-f Clas‐
       sic/8'" sets your default body font to 8 point Classic.

       In case conflicting options are given, the last option seen takes  pre‐
       cidence.	  Options  are	processed left to right,  first processing any
       options in the MAHA environment variable, then any options given on the
       command line.

       The possible options are:

       -n     Prints  output n columns per page (note that n is limited to one

       -b banner
	      Uses banner to label the output.	It will appear	on  the	 cover
	      page on the line labeled "Document".

       -c n   Causes n copies of the output to be printed.  The default is 1.

       -f font
	      Sets the font to be used for the body of each page.  The default
	      is "Vintage-Printwheel/10".

       -F font
	      Sets the font to be used for  page  headings.   The  default  is

       -H header
	      Sets  the	 format	 for page headings to the string header.  This
	      overrides the -t option.	 Certain  formatting  options  can  be
	      embedded in this string.	See the section below entitled "Header
	      Format".	The default header is constructed from the file	 name,
	      its last modification date, and a page and line number.

       -h header
	      Appends  the  string header to the current header format string.
	      This can be used to append  something  to	 the  default  header.
	      This overrides the -t option.

       -l     Causes  line  printer simulation mode to be used:	 pages will be
	      66 lines long and headers will be	 omitted.   Turns  on  the  -t

       -n name
	      Sets the delivery address of your output (the "For" field on the
	      cover sheet) to name.  The default is your full name as recorded
	      in the gecos field of the password file ("/etc/passwd").

       -o file
	      The interpress code is written into file.	 The default is gener‐
	      ated from the process i.d. of the program.

       -P printer
	      Directs the interpresss code to printer for printing.

       -r     Rotates the output 90 degrees  on	 the  page  (landscape	mode).
	      This is good for output that requires a wide page or for program
	      listings when specifying two columns.  Some people like the pro‐
	      gram listings produced by the command "maha -2 -r files".

       -R     Forces  portrait	mode (default).	 This overrides the -r option.
	      It is useful (for example) if the environment variable MAHA sets

       -s pages
	      Selects  pages to be printed.  Pages may be a single page speci‐
	      fication (eg. "5"), a range of pages ("5-10"), or a list of page
	      specifications  (eg. "3,11-13").	Note that this syntax is iden‐
	      tical to that accepted by the -o option of troff.

       -t     Causes page headings (titles) to be omitted.

       Specifying Fonts

       The naming scheme for fonts is a slight variant on the universal naming
       scheme  used by interpress.  See section 3.2.2 in Interpress Electronic
       Printing Standard (XSIS 048404) for a description of  universal	names.
       Each identifier of a universal font name is separated by a slash ("/").
       If the final identifier in the name is nothing more than	 a  series  of
       digits,	as  in	"Classic/8", then it is taken to be a point size.  The
       actual universal name is formed by removing this last  identifier.   If
       the last part of the name is not strictly a number, then the point size
       is assumed to be 10.  Since most environments use the same prefix for a
       universal  font	name,  A  standard  prefix  of	several identifiers is
       prepended to every font name given on the command line.	 This  can  be
       overridden  by  placing a slash at the front of the given name in which
       case the universal name is formed by simply removing the slash from the
       front  of  the  name.   Note  that the point size calculation mentioned
       above will still be performed on this type of name.

       Here are some examples that should clear the air:

       If a font name has the unfortunate characteristic of containing nothing
       but numbers in its last identifier, it can still be specified by always
       appending a point size to the name, as in the last example above.

       Header Format

       The string that is used to build the header  can	 have  format  options
       embedded	 in it.	 Each formatting option is preceded with the character
       "%" in a manner similar to printf(3S) strings in C.  The following for‐
       mat characters are recognized:

       If  a  percent  sign  is followed by a character not in the list above,
       then that character gets printed (without the  leading  percent	sign).
       Note  that a percent sign can still be printed in the header by placing
       two in the format.  The default format string is:

		   "%f		  %t		Page %p, line %l"

       MAHA	 strings of options to be used by maha.

       /etc/passwd    contains information about system users

       cz(1)	      czarina

       Interpress Electronic Printing Standard, XSIS 048404

       The document name doesn't appear on the banner  page  like  it  should.
       This is really the fault of the queueing software.

       Maha  will  not realize that a file is already in interpress format and
       skip the conversion phase.

       Maha doesn't have any metric information.  Thus it won't wrap  or  clip
       lines.	If you are using a fixed width font, use ``pr'' as pre-proces‐

4th Berkeley Distribution	    2/11/86			       MAHA(1)

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