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       lprngtool - configuration and Graphics User Interface for LPRng

       lprngtool [ -V ]

       The  lprngtool  is  a  Tcl/Tk GUI which allows you to add/delete/modify
       local printers, and monitor and manage local and	 remote	 print	queues
       using  LPRng.   LPRngTool  does	NOT  work with Berkeley or Sys V style
       printing!  You must have LPRng installed to make use of LPRngTool.   If
       you want to control Berkeley lpd spools, use Red Hat's Printtool.

       LPRngTool is licensed under the GNU General Public License (see LICENSE
       or  http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html).   You're  welcome  to	  make
       changes,	 modifications,	 bug  fixes, and to reuse parts of the code in
       other projects.	However, you must make publically available, for free,
       the  source code to this program and any changes you have made to it if
       you distribute it in any way (including just  making  one  copy	for  a
       friend).	  You must also include this license statement with any copies
       you make/distribute.  It's also appreciated if  you  send  any  changes
       back to the author Geoff Silver <geoff@uslinux.net>.

       -V   Display version information and exit

       The following exit values are returned:

       zero (0)	      Successful completion.

       non-zero (!=0) An error occurred.

	    Configuration file for LPRngTool

	    Directory holding support filters

       lpd.conf(5),  lpc(8),  lpd(8),  checkpc(8),  lpr(1),  lpq(1),  lprm(1),
       printcap(5), lpd.conf(5), pr(1).

       LPRng is a enhanced printer spooler system with	functionality  similar
       to   the	  Berkeley   LPR   software.	The   LPRng  mailing  list  is
       lprng@lprng.com; subscribe by sending mail  to  lprng-request@lprng.com
       with  the  word	subscribe in the body.	The software is available from

       The LPRngTool code was based on the RedHat printtool code, as  modified
       and  updated  by Geoff Silver <geoff@uslinux.net>.  It was then further
       modified by Patrick Powell <papowell@astart.com>.

       Patrick Powell <papowell@astart.com>.

LPRng				     1.3.2			  LPRNGTOOL(1)

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