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lorder(1)							     lorder(1)

       lorder - Finds the best order for member files in an object library

       lorder file...

       The  lorder command is essentially obsolete.  Use the following command
       in its place: % ar -ts file.a

       The lorder command reads one or more object or library  archive	files,
       looks for external references, and writes a list of paired filenames to
       standard output.	 The first of each pair of files  contains  references
       to  identifiers that are defined in the second file.  You can send this
       list to the tsort command to find an ordering of a library member  file
       suitable for 1-pass access by ld.

       If  object  files  do not end with lorder overlooks them and attributes
       their global symbols and references to some other file.

       To create a subroutine library, enter: lorder charin.o scanfld.o scan.o
       scanln.o |      tsort | xargs ar qv libsubs.a

       (Enter  this  command  entirely	on one line, not on two lines as shown

       This  creates  a	 subroutine  library  named  libsubs.a	that  contains
       charin.o,  scanfld.o,  scan.o, and scanln.o. The ordering of the object
       modules in the library is important.  The  lorder  and  tsort  commands
       together add the subroutines to the library in the proper order.

       Suppose	that  scan.o  calls  entry  points  in scanfld.o and scanln.o.
       scanfld.o also calls entry points in charin.o. First, the  lorder  com‐
       mand  creates  a	 list of pairs that shows these dependencies: charin.o
       charin.o scanfld.o scanfld.o scan.o scan.o scanln.o scanln.o  scanfld.o
       charin.o scanln.o charin.o scan.o scanfld.o

       This  list  is piped to the tsort command, which converts the list into
       the ordering that is needed:

       scan.o scanfld.o scanln.o charin.o

       Note that each module precedes the module it  calls.   charin.o,	 which
       does not call another module, is last. The second list is then piped to
       xargs, which constructs and runs the following ar command: ar  qv  lib‐
       subs.a  scan.o  scanfld.o  scanln.o  charin.o

       This ar command creates the properly ordered library.

       Temporary files

       Commands:  ar(1),   as(1),   cc(1),  ld(1),  make(1),  nm(1),  size(1),
       strip(1), tsort(1), xargs(1)

       Files:  a.out(4), ar(4)


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