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look(1)								       look(1)

       look - Finds lines in a sorted list

       look [-df] [-tcharacter] string [file]

       The  look  command  prints  all	lines in a sorted file that begin with

       Uses dictionary order; only letters, digits, tabs, and spaces are  used
       in  comparisons.	 Searches without regard to case; treats uppercase and
       lowercase as equivalent.	 Ignores character and characters following it
       in  the search string.  If you specify look -tC ABCDE, the string ABCDE
       would become (in effect) AB, with CDE being ignored.   This  option  is
       primarily  for  shell  scripts,	in which more than one string is being

       If no file  is  specified,  look	 searches  in  the  system  word  list
       /usr/share/dict/words, with the options -df assumed by default.

       The look command uses binary search.

       The -d and -f options affect comparisons as in sort.

       In  order  to use the -f option, you must first sort file with the sort
       -f command; otherwise, look displays only lowercase items.

       If  you	do  not	 specify   -f,	 but   specify	 a   file   (such   as
       /usr/share/dict/words)  that has been sorted with sort -f, look may not
       produce any output.

       To search a sorted file called sortfile for all lines that  begin  with
       the  string  as, enter: look as sortfile To search the system word list
       for all words beginning with smi, enter: look smi

	      This might result in: smile smirk smith  smithereens  Smithfield
	      Smithson smithy smitten

       System word list.

       Commands:  grep(1), sort(1), spell(1)


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