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LOOK(1)			  BSD General Commands Manual		       LOOK(1)

     look — display lines beginning with a given string

     look [-df] [-t termchar] string [file]

     The look utility displays any lines in file which contain string as a
     prefix.  As look performs a binary search, the lines in file must be

     If file is not specified, the file /usr/share/dict/words is used, only
     alphanumeric characters are compared and the case of alphabetic charac‐
     ters is ignored.


     -d	     Dictionary character set and order, i.e. only alphanumeric char‐
	     acters are compared.

     -f	     Ignore the case of alphabetic characters.

     -t	     Specify a string termination character, i.e. only the characters
	     in string up to and including the first occurrence of termchar
	     are compared.

     The look utility exits 0 if one or more lines were found and displayed, 1
     if no lines were found, and >1 if an error occurred.

     /usr/share/dict/words  the dictionary

     grep(1), sort(1)

     The original manual page stated that tabs and blank characters partici‐
     pated in comparisons when the -d option was specified.  This was incor‐
     rect and the current man page matches the historic implementation.

     Look appeared in Version 7 AT&T Unix.

BSD				 June 14, 1993				   BSD

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