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log(8)									log(8)

       log - Records input and output from a program

       /usr/sbin/log <logfile> <command>

       The  file in which to record the interaction being logged.  The command
       to execute.

       The log program runs <command> and logs the input to  and  output  from
       <command>  to  the  <logfile>  file.  Input and output are logged until
       <command> exits, the log program exits, and the exit  status  of	 <com‐
       mand> is returned.

       The  log	 program  is used by the system installation procedure and the
       it(8)   command	 to   create   the   /var/adm/smlogs/install.log   and
       /var/adm/smlogs/it.log installation log files.

       Because the log program is used in the installation standalone environ‐
       ment, program size was the greatest concern in its implementation.  The
       log  program  does not search for the PATH variable to locate <command>
       and error messages are terse.

       The log program causes <command> to take standard input from and	 write
       standard	 output	 and standard error to UNIX pipes.  Some commands will
       not be able to operate in this environment; therefore, it is  suggested
       that you use the script(1) command instead.  UNIX shells will not issue
       prompts when run from log unless the shell is started with an  explicit
       interactive  switch  (-i	 for  most  shells).  For example, log foo.tmp
       /sbin/sh -i

       In the previous example, foo.tmp is the name of <logfile>.

       The log program intercepts  end-of-file	(usually  Ctrl/d).   Therefore
       programs	 which	normally  receive  end-of-file as an exit command must
       exit by some other means.

       Log open error


	      The log program was unable to open <logfile>.  Verify  that  the
	      directory	 exists	 and  that  ownerships and permissions are set
	      correctly.  Exec Error


	      The log program was unable to execute <command>. Verify that you
	      specified a full pathname for <command> and that <command> is an
	      executable file.	Fork Error


	      The log program was unable to create one	of  the	 processes  it
	      requires to log data.

       Commands: it(8), script(1)


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