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local.users(4)							local.users(4)

       local.users - Specifies mail recipients on the local host.

       The  local.users file contains a list of user names whose mail is to be
       delivered to the local host and whose return address is	username@host‐
       name.   Entries	in the local.hosts file are in addition to other local
       users (such as root and postmaster). See sendmail.cf(4) for a  descrip‐
       tion of other local users.

       You  can add entries to this file if the host is configured as a simple
       client and either of the following is true: The user wants  their  mail
       delivered  on  this  machine  rather  than  being forwarded to the mail
       server.	You are adding aliases to the /var/adm/sendmail/aliases	 file.
       When the host is configured as a simple client, the alias must be added
       to this file and the aliases file.

       A simple client is defined as a host that had the mail  system  config‐
       ured using the MailConfig application from the System Management utili‐
       ties or configured using the mailsetup utility's Quick Setup menu.

       The format of the file is as  follows:  User  names  are	 separated  by
       blanks  or  new	lines.	Multiple user name can be specified on a line.
       Blank lines are ignored.	 A comment mark (#) ends the line.

       After modifying the local.users file, you  must	restart	 the  sendmail
       daemon	to   apply   the   changes.   Use  the	following  command:  #
       /sbin/init.d/sendmail restart

       root postmaster rw  # A comment followed by an ignored blank line.

       # Another comment.  mariah    # Another comment.
	  carey	 # Leading blanks are acceptable.

       Specifies the path name for the file.

       Files: sendmail.cf(4).  delim off


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