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llconvert(8)							  llconvert(8)

       llconvert  - Modify lastlog records from DIGITAL UNIX releases 4.0x and
       prior to new format

       /usr/lbin/llconvert [-vnrp?h] input_file [output_file]

       Restore new format to old format.  Verbose. Display  lines  while  con‐
       verting.	  Do  not  preserve  contents  of input file.  Formatted print
       only. Do not convert. (May be used with the -r option).	Display	 usage

       The  llconvert  command	reads  records	from the lastlog file, such as
       /var/adm/lastlog, and converts the record format to the updated	struct
       lastlog	format.	 If  no output file is specified or if the output file
       path is identical to the input file path, llconvert makes a backup copy
       of  the	original  input	 file  using the following algorithm: If file‐
       name.orig exists.  Where n is a unique number.

       The llconvert command attempts to detect an input file that is  in  the
       wrong  format (for example, input file is already a new format file). A
       warning message is issued in this case, but conversion continues.

       Success.	 An error occurred.

       To convert an old format accounting file to the new  format:  llconvert

	      Upon completion of this command, /var/adm/lastlog.prev will have
	      been converted to the new format.	 The  original	/var/adm/last‐
	      log.prev is renamed to:

	      /var/adm/lastlog.prev.orig To convert a lastlog file in new for‐
	      mat  to  the   old   format:   llconvert	 -r   /var/adm/lastlog

       Lastlog	header file that defines the format for the lastlog file.  The
       active lastlog file.

       Commands: finger(1)


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