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       lkbib - search bibliographic databases

       lkbib [ -v ] [ -ifields ] [ -pfilename ] [ -tn ] key...

       lkbib  searches bibliographic databases for references that contain the
       keys key...  and prints any references found on	the  standard  output.
       lkbib will search any databases given by -p options, and then a default
       database.  The default database is taken	 from  the  REFER  environment
       variable if it is set, otherwise it is @DEFAULT_INDEX@.	For each data‐
       base filename to be searched, if an index  filename@INDEX_SUFFIX@  cre‐
       ated by @g@indxbib(@MAN1EXT@) exists, then it will be searched instead;
       each index can cover multiple databases.

       -v     Print the version number.

	      Search filename.	Multiple -p options can be used.

	      When searching files for which no index exists, ignore the  con‐
	      tents of fields whose names are in string.

       -tn    Only  require  the first n characters of keys to be given.  Ini‐
	      tially n is 6.

       REFER  Default database.

       @DEFAULT_INDEX@	Default database to be used if the  REFER  environment
			variable  is  not  set.	  filename@INDEX_SUFFIX@ Index

       @g@refer(@MAN1EXT@), @g@lookbib(@MAN1EXT@), @g@indxbib(@MAN1EXT@)

Groff Version @VERSION@		    @MDATE@		      LKBIB(@MAN1EXT@)

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