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linsert(n)		     Tcl Built-In Commands		    linsert(n)


       linsert - Insert elements into a list

       linsert list index ?element element ...?

       This command produces a new list from list by inserting all of the ele‐
       ment arguments just before the index'th element of list.	 Each  element
       argument	 will  become a separate element of the new list.  If index is
       less than or equal to zero, then the new elements are inserted  at  the
       beginning  of  the list, and if index is greater or equal to the length
       of list, it is as if it was end.	 As with string index, the index value
       supports both simple index arithmetic and end-relative indexing.

       Subject to the restrictions that indices must refer to locations inside
       the list and that the elements will always be inserted in order, inser‐
       tions  are done so that when index is start-relative, the first element
       will be at that index in the resulting list, and when index is end-rel‐
       ative, the last element will be at that index in the resulting list.

       Putting some values into a list, first indexing from the start and then
       indexing from the end, and then chaining them together:

	      set oldList {the fox jumps over the dog}
	      set midList [linsert $oldList 1 quick]
	      set newList [linsert $midList end-1 lazy]
	      # The old lists still exist though...
	      set newerList [linsert [linsert $oldList end-1 quick] 1 lazy]

       list(n),	 lappend(n),  lindex(n),  llength(n),	lsearch(n),   lset(n),
       lsort(n), lrange(n), lreplace(n), string(n)

       element, insert, list

Tcl				      8.2			    linsert(n)

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