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       libssh2_userauth_keyboard_interactive_ex - authenticate a session using
       a challenge-response authentication

       #include <libssh2.h>

       int libssh2_userauth_keyboard_interactive_ex(LIBSSH2_SESSION  *session,
       const   char   *username,   unsigned  int  username_len,	 LIBSSH2_USER‐

       int   libssh2_userauth_keyboard_interactive(LIBSSH2_SESSION   *session,
       const		 char		  *username,		 LIBSSH2_USER‐

       session - Session instance as returned by libssh2_session_init_ex(3)

       username - Name of user to attempt plain password authentication for.

       username_len - Length of username parameter.

       response_callback - As authentication proceeds, host issues several  (1
       or  more)  challenges  and  requires  responses.	 This callback will be
       called at this moment. Callback is responsible to obtain responses  for
       the  challenges,	 fill the provided data structure and then return con‐
       trol. Responses will be	sent  to  the  host.  String  values  will  be
       free(3)ed by the library.

       Attempts keyboard-interactive (challenge/response) authentication.

       Note  that  many	 SSH servers will always issue single "password" chal‐
       lenge, requesting actual password as response, but it is	 not  required
       by  the protocol, and various authentication schemes, such as smartcard
       authentication may use keyboard-interactive authentication type too.

       Return  0  on  success  or  negative  on	 failure.   It	returns	  LIB‐
       SSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN   when	  it   would   otherwise   block.  While  LIB‐
       SSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN is a negative number, it isn't really a  failure  per

       LIBSSH2_ERROR_ALLOC -  An internal memory allocation call failed.

       LIBSSH2_ERROR_SOCKET_SEND - Unable to send data on socket.


libssh2 0.19			  8libssh2_userauth_keyboard_interactive_ex(3)

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