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lh_stats(3)							   lh_stats(3)

       lh_stats,     lh_node_stats,	lh_node_usage_stats,	 lh_stats_bio,
       lh_node_stats_bio, lh_node_usage_stats_bio - LHASH statistics

       #include <openssl/lhash.h>

       void lh_stats(
	       LHASH *table, FILE *out ); void lh_node_stats(
	       LHASH *table, FILE *out ); void lh_node_usage_stats(
	       LHASH *table, FILE *out ); void lh_stats_bio(
	       LHASH *table, BIO *out ); void lh_node_stats_bio(
	       LHASH *table, BIO *out ); void lh_node_usage_stats_bio(
	       LHASH *table, BIO *out );

       The LHASH structure records statistics about most aspects of  accessing
       the hash table.	It is a legacy of Eric Young who wrote the library for
       the purpose of implementing a useful algorithm rather than for  a  par‐
       ticular software product.

       The  lh_stats()	function prints out statistics on the size of the hash
       table, how many entries are in it, and the number and result  of	 calls
       to the routines in this library.

       The  lh_node_stats()  function  prints  the  number of entries for each
       bucket in the hash table.

       The lh_node_usage_stats() function prints out a short  summary  of  the
       state  of the hash table.  It prints the load and the actual load.  The
       load is the average number of data items per bucket in the hash	table.
       The actual load is the average number of items per bucket, but only for
       buckets which contain entries.  So the actual load is the average  num‐
       ber of searches that will need to find an item in the hash table, while
       the load is the average number that will be done to record a miss.

       The lh_stats_bio(), lh_node_stats_bio(), and  lh_node_usage_stats_bio()
       functions are the same, except that the output goes to a BIO.

       These functions do not return values.

       These  functions	 are  available in all versions of SSLeay and OpenSSL.
       This reference page is derived from the SSLeay documentation.

       Functions: bio(3), lhash(3)


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