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ldr_inq_region(3)					     ldr_inq_region(3)

       ldr_inq_region  -  Return module information about a region in a loaded

       #include <sys/types.h> #include <loader.h>

       int ldr_inq_region(
	       ldr_process_t process,
	       ldr_module_t mod_id,
	       ldr_region_t region,
	       ldr_region_info_t *info,
	       size_t info_size,
	       size_t *ret_size );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Specifies the process whose address space contains the module for which
       the region information is required.  Identifies the module.  The module
       ID is returned when the module is first loaded.	Identifies the region.
       Points to a ldr_region_info_t buffer in which the information about the
       loaded region  is  returned.   Specifies	 the  size  of	the  allocated
       ldr_region_info_t  structure,  in bytes.	 Specifies the number of types
       actually returned into the buffer pointed to by the info parameter.

       The ldr_inq_region() function returns  information  about  a  specified
       region  within  a  specified module. The module is contained within the
       address space  of  the  specified  process.  The	 returned  information
       includes	 the number and name of the region, its protection attributes,
       its size, and address information about	the  region  in	 the  process'
       address space.

       To obtain the unique identifier for the current process, use the call:

       ldr_process_t ldr_my_process();

       To obtain the unique identifier for the kernel, use the call:

       ldr_process_t ldr_kernel_process();

       The  ldr_region_t  values are unique identifiers for each loaded region
       for a particular module. The value of the region parameter ranges  from
       0 (zero) to (maximum number of regions) -1.

       The  loader  assumes  that  each	 object	 module	 contains  one or more
       regions.	 A region is  a	 separately  relocated,	 virtually  contiguous
       range within a module.  A region can contain text or data.

       This function is currently implemented only for the current process and
       the kernel.

       Upon successful completion, the function returns a value of  0  (zero).
       If the operation fails, the function returns a negative error value and
       errno is set to indicate the error.

       If the ldr_inq_region() function fails, errno may be set to one of  the
       following  values:  The	specified module ID or region ID is not valid.
       The process identifier is not valid.

       Additional errors may be returned from  the  underlying	IPC  mechanism
       (for kernel/cross-process loading).

       Functions: ldr_inq_module(3), ldr_next_module(3)


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