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       ldap_getfilter, ldap_init_getfilter, ldap_init_getfilter_buf, ldap_get‐
       filter_free, ldap_getfirstfilter, ldap_getnextfilter, ldap_setfilteraf‐
       fixes, ldap_build_filter - LDAP filter generating functions

       cc[ flag... ] file... -lldap[ library... ]
       #include <lber.h>
       #include <ldap.h>
       #define LDAP_FILT_MAXSIZ 1024

       LDAPFiltDesc *ldap_init_getfilter(char *file);

       LDAPFiltDesc *ldap_init_getfilter_buf(char *buf, long buflen);

       ldap_getfilter_free(LDAPFiltDesc *lfdp);

       LDAPFiltInfo *ldap_getfirstfilter(LDAPFiltDesc *lfdp, char *tagpat,
	    char *value);

       LDAPFiltInfo *ldap_getnextfilter(LDAPFiltDesc *lfdp);

       void ldap_setfilteraffixes(LDAPFiltDesc *lfdp, char *prefix,
	    char *suffix);

       void ldap_build_filter(char *buf, unsigned long buflen, char *pattern,
	    char *prefix, char *suffix, char *attr, char *value,
	    char **valwords);

       These   functions   are	 used  to  generate  filters  to  be  used  in
       ldap_search(3LDAP) or  ldap_search_s(3LDAP). Either ldap_init_getfilter
       or  ldap_init_getfilter_buf  must be called prior to calling any of the
       other functions except  ldap_build_filter.

       ldap_init_getfilter() takes a file name as its only argument.  The con‐
       tents  of  the file must be a valid LDAP filter configuration file (see
       ldapfilter.conf(4)). If the file is successfully read, a pointer to  an
       LDAPFiltDesc  is	 returned.  This is an opaque object that is passed in
       subsequent get filter calls.

       ldap_init_getfilter_buf() reads from buf, whose length is  buflen,  the
       LDAP  filter  configuration information. buf must point to the contents
       of a valid LDAP filter configuration file. See  ldapfilter.conf(4).  If
       the filter configuration information is successfully read, a pointer to
       an  LDAPFiltDesc is returned.  This is an opaque object that is	passed
       in subsequent get filter calls.

       ldap_getfilter_free() deallocates the memory consumed by ldap_init_get‐
       filter. Once it is called, the  LDAPFiltDesc is	no  longer  valid  and
       cannot be used again.

       ldap_getfirstfilter()  retrieves	 the  first filter that is appropriate
       for value. Only filter sets that	 have  tags  that  match  the  regular
       expession  tagpat are considered. ldap_getfirstfilter returns a pointer
       to an LDAPFiltInfo  structure,  which  contains	a  filter  with	 value
       inserted	 as  appropriate  in   lfi_filter, a text match description in
       lfi_desc, lfi_scope set to indicate the search scope,  and  lfi_isexact
       set  to	indicate the type of filter.   NULL is returned if no matching
       filters	are  found.    lfi_scope  will	be  one	 of   LDAP_SCOPE_BASE,
       LDAP_SCOPE_ONELEVEL, or LDAP_SCOPE_SUBTREE. lfi_isexact will be zero if
       the filter has any '~' or '*' characters in it and non-zero otherwise.

       ldap_getnextfilter() retrieves the next appropriate filter in the  fil‐
       ter  set	 that was determined when  ldap_getfirstfilter was called.  It
       returns NULL when the list has been exhausted.

       ldap_setfilteraffixes() sets a prefix to be prepended and a  suffix  to
       be appended to all filters returned in the future.

       ldap_build_filter() constructs an LDAP search filter in buf.  buflen is
       the size, in bytes, of the largest filter buf can hold.	A pattern  for
       the desired filter is passed in pattern. Where the string %a appears in
       the pattern it is replaced with	attr.  prefix  is  pre-pended  to  the
       resulting  filter,  and	suffix	is  appended.  Either can be NULL , in
       which case they are not used. value and	valwords  are  used  when  the
       string %v appears in pattern. See  ldapfilter.conf(4) for a description
       of how %v is handled.

       NULL is returned by  ldap_init_getfilter if there is an	error  reading
       file.  NULL  is	returned by ldap_getfirstfilter and ldap_getnextfilter
       when there are no more appropriate filters to return.

				 LDAP filtering routine configuration file.

       See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes:

       │Interface Stability │ Evolving	      │

       ldap(3LDAP), ldapfilter.conf(4), attributes(5)

       The return values for all  of  these  functions	are  declared  in  the
       <ldap.h> header file.  Some functions may allocate memory which must be
       freed by the calling application.

				 Jan 28, 2002		 LDAP_GETFILTER(3LDAP)

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