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KLIST(1)							      KLIST(1)

       klist - list currently held Kerberos tickets

       klist [ -s | -t ] [ -file name ] [ -srvtab ]

       klist prints the name of the tickets file and the identity of the prin‐
       cipal the tickets are for (as listed in the tickets  file),  and	 lists
       the principal names of all Kerberos tickets currently held by the user,
       along with the issue and expire time for each authenticator.  Principal
       names  are listed in the form name.instance@realm, with the '.' omitted
       if the instance is null, and the '@' omitted if the realm is null.

       If given the -s option, klist does  not	print  the  issue  and	expire
       times, the name of the tickets file, or the identity of the principal.

       If given the -t option, klist checks for the existence of a non-expired
       ticket-granting-ticket in the ticket file.  If one is present, it exits
       with  status  0,	 else  it exits with status 1.	No output is generated
       when this option is specified.

       If given the -file option, the following argument is used as the ticket
       file.   Otherwise,  if the KRBTKFILE environment variable is set, it is
       used.  If this environment variable is not set, the file	 /tmp/tkt[uid]
       is used, where uid is the current user-id of the user.

       If given the -srvtab option, the file is treated as a service key file,
       and the names of the keys contained therein are printed.	 If no file is
       specified with a -file option, the default is /etc/kerberosIV/srvtab.

			   to get the name of the local realm

       /tmp/tkt[uid]	   as  the  default  ticket file ([uid] is the decimal
			   UID of the user).

			   as the default service key file

       kerberos(1), kinit(1), kdestroy(1)

       When reading a file as a service key file, very little sanity or	 error
       checking is performed.

MIT Project Athena	     Kerberos Version 4.0		      KLIST(1)

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