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ttyname(3)							    ttyname(3)

       ttyname, isatty, ttyname_r - Get the name of a terminal

       #include <unistd.h>

       char *ttyname(
	       int file-descriptor ); int isatty(
	       int file-descriptor ); int ttyname_r(
	       int file-descriptor,
	       char *buffer,
	       int len );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       ttyname_r(): POSIX.1c

       isatty(), ttyname():  XSH4.2

       Refer to the standards(5) reference page	 for  more  information	 about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       Specifies  an  open  file  descriptor.  Points to a buffer in which the
       terminal name is stored.	 Specifies the length of the buffer pointed to
       by the buffer parameter.

       The  ttyname()  function	 gets  the  name  of a terminal.  It returns a
       pointer to a string containing the null-terminated pathname of the ter‐
       minal device associated with the file-descriptor parameter.

       The  isatty()  function	determines  if	the device associated with the
       file-descriptor parameter is a terminal.

       The ttyname() function returns a pointer to thread-specific data.  Sub‐
       sequent	calls  to  this	 function  from the same thread overwrite this

       Upon successful completion, the ttyname() function returns a pointer to
       a  string  identifying a terminal device. A NULL pointer is returned if
       the file-descriptor parameter does not describe a  terminal  device  in
       the /dev directory.

       Upon  successful completion, the isatty() function returns a value of 1
       if the specified file-descriptor parameter is associated with a	termi‐
       nal. Otherwise, it returns a value of zero (0).

       [POSIX]	Upon  successful  completion,  the ttyname_r() function stores
       the terminal name as a null-terminated string in the buffer pointed  to
       by  the buffer parameter and returns a value of 0 (zero). Otherwise, it
       returns an error number.

       [Tru64 UNIX]  The obsolete version of ttyname_r()  functions  the  same
       way as the POSIX version, except it returns a -1 upon unsuccessful com‐

       If the isatty() function fails, errno  may  be  set  to	the  following
       value: The file associated with file-descriptor is not a terminal.

       If  the	ttyname_r()  function fails, errno may be set to the following
       value: The buffer parameter is a null pointer or the len parameter  was
       too short to store the string.

       Functions: ttyslot(3)

       Standards: standards(5)


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