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IRB(1)				     UNIX				IRB(1)

       irb - Interactive Ruby Shell

       irb  [--version]	 [-dfm]	 [-I  directory]  [-r library] [--[no]inspect]
       [--[no]readline] [--prompt mode] [--prompt-mode mode] [--inf-ruby-mode]
       [--simple-prompt]   [--noprompt]	  [--tracer]   [--back-trace-limit  n]
       [--irb_debug n] [--] [program_file] [argument ...]

       irb is the REPL(read-eval&print loop) environment for Ruby programs.

	      Prints the version of .

       -E external[]:internal

       --encoding external[]:internal
	      Same as `ruby -E' .  Specifies the default value(s) for external
	      encodings and internal encoding. Values should be separated with
	      colon (:).

	      You can omit the one for	internal  encodings,  then  the	 value
	      ("Encoding.default_internal") will be nil.

       -I path
	      Same as `ruby -I' .  Specifies $LOAD_PATH directory

       -U     Same  as `ruby -U' .  Sets the default value for internal encod‐
	      ings ("Encoding.default_internal") to UTF-8.

       -d     Same as `ruby -d' .  Sets $DEBUG to true.

       -f     Suppresses read of ~/.irbrc.


       --help Prints a summary of the options.

       -m     Bc mode (load mathn, fraction or matrix are available)

       -r library
	      Same as `ruby  -r'.   Causes  irb	 to  load  the	library	 using

	      Uses `inspect' for output (default except for bc mode)

	      Doesn't use inspect for output

	      Uses Readline extension module.

	      Doesn't use Readline extension module.

       --prompt mode

       --prompt-mode mode
	      Switch  prompt  mode.  Pre-defined  prompt  modes are `default',
	      `simple', `xmp' and `inf-ruby'.

	      Uses prompt appropriate for inf-ruby-mode on emacs.   Suppresses

	      Makes prompts simple.

	      No prompt mode.

	      Displays trace for each execution of commands.

       --back-trace-limit n
	      Displays backtrace top n and tail n.  The default value is 16.

       --irb_debug n
	      Sets internal debug level to n (not for popular use)


	      Also irb depends on same variables as ruby(1).

	      Personal irb initialization.

	 % irb
	 irb(main):001:0> 1 + 1
	 irb(main):002:0> def t(x)
	 irb(main):003:1> x+1
	 irb(main):004:1> end
	 => nil
	 irb(main):005:0> t(3)
	 => 4
	 irb(main):006:0> if t(3) == 4
	 irb(main):007:1> p :ok
	 irb(main):008:1> end
	 => :ok
	 irb(main):009:0> quit


       ·      Security	vulnerabilities	 should	 be  reported  via an email to
	      <>.	 Reported problems will	 be  published
	      after fixed.

       ·      You  can	report	other  bugs  and feature requests via the Ruby
	      Issue Tracking System  (   Do  not
	      report  security	vulnerabilities via the system because it pub‐
	      lishes the vulnerabilities immediately.

       Written by Keiju ISHITSUKA.

October 25, 2008       Ruby Programmers Reference Guide			IRB(1)

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