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IPTROFF(1)							    IPTROFF(1)

       iptroff - convert troff to Interpress

       iptroff [ -D  device ] [ -o  output-file ] [ -t ] troff arguments

       Iptroff	runs troff(1) sending its output through dipress(1) to produce
       typeset output for an Interpress printer.   As  the  document  is  pro‐
       cessed,	the  names  of	the  passes will be printed.  This can be sup‐
       pressed with the -q (quiet) switch.  If the troff -t switch  is	speci‐
       fied,  however,	the troff output will be sent directly to the standard
       output and not piped through dipress.  In addition, the	-q  option  is
       assumed	with  the  -t option.  If the -D switch is specified, then the
       font metrics for the named device will be used instead of  the  default
       set.   The  actual  printer  that the Interpress master gets sent to is
       site dependent.	If the -o option is  specified,	 then  the  Interpress
       master is left in the specified file rather than being transmitted to a
       print server.

       The default font is TroffClassic which is the normal Xerox Classic font
       augmented to provide all the special characters found in the troff man‐
       ual with the single exception of the Bell System Logo.


	      iptroff -ms paper

       will set a paper with the ``ms'' macro package in the TroffClassic.

       $LIB/fonts/*  default font mounts and bug fixes

       The Interpress Toolkit manual, dipress(1), troff(1)

				    5/23/85			    IPTROFF(1)

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