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       installit - file/directory installation tool

       installit [ -o owner ] [ -g group ] [ -O owner ] [ -G group ] [ -m mode
       ] [ -b backup ] [ -s ] [ -t ] source destination

       Installit puts a copy of source into the specified destination.

       If source is a period, then destination is taken to be the  name	 of  a
       directory  that	should be created.  Otherwise, source is taken to name
       an existing file and destination may be either a file or directory;  it
       is interpreted according to the same rules as cp(1).

       If destination names a pre-existing file, it will be removed before the
       copy is done.  To make a backup copy, use the ``-b'' flag; the existing
       file  will  be  renamed to have the specified extension.	 If source and
       destination are the same string, or if the  two	files  are  identical,
       then  no	 copying  is  done,  and  only the ``-o'', ``-g'', ``-m'', and
       ``-s'' flags (see below) are processed.	In this case, the modification
       time  on	 the  destination  will	 be  updated using touch(1) unless the
       ``-n'' (don't touch) flag is used.

       Once the destination has been created, it is possible to set the owner,
       group, and mode that it should have.  This is done by using the ``-o'',
       ``-g'', and ``-m'' flags, respectively.	The ``-O''  and	 ``-G''	 flags
       set  the	 owner	and  group  only if installit is being run by root, as
       determined by whoami(1).	 To strip(1) an installed executable, use  the
       ``-s'' flag.

       Note  that  installit uses no special privileges to copy files from one
       place to another.

       Flags cannot be combined.

       The chown(8) command must exist in either the /etc or  /usr/etc	direcā€
       tory or the user's PATH.

       The  whoami  command must exist in the /usr/ucb directory or the user's

       Written by Rich $alz <> for  InterNetNews.   This  is
       revision 1.8, dated 1993/01/29.


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