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inet_pton(3)							  inet_pton(3)

       inet_pton - Convert a text string to a numeric address

       #include <arpa/inet.h>

       int inet_pton(
	       int af,
	       const char *src,
	       void *dst );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Specifies the address family.  Valid values are AF_INET for an Internet
       Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) address and AF_INET6  for  an	IPv6  address.
       Points  to the address text string to be converted.  Points to a buffer
       that is to contain the numeric address.

       The use of this routine is deprecated.  Use the getaddrinfo(3)  routine
       instead; it is also protocol-independent.

       The  inet_pton()	 function converts a text string to a numeric value in
       Internet network-byte order.

       If the af parameter is AF_INET, the function accepts a  string  in  the
       standard IPv4 dotted-decimal form:


       In  this	 format,  ddd is a one to three digit decimal number between 0
       and 255.

       If the af parameter is AF_INET6, the function accepts a string  in  the
       following form:


       In  this	 format,  x  is	 hexadecimal  value  of	 a 16-bit piece of the

       IPv6 addresses can contain long strings of zero (0) bits.  To  make  it
       easier  to  write  these addresses, you can use double colon characters
       (::) one time in an address to represent 1 or  more  16-bit  groups  of

       For  mixed  IPv4	 and  IPv6  environments,  the	following form is also


       In this form, x is hexadecimal value of a 16-bit piece of  the  address
       and  ddd	 is  a one to three digit decimal value between 0 and 255 that
       represents the IPv4 address.  See RFC 2373 for more information on IPv6
       addressing formats.

       The  calling  application  is  responsible for ensuring that the buffer
       referred to by the dst parameter is large enough to  hold  the  numeric
       address.	 AF_INET  addresses  require  4	 bytes	and AF_INET6 addresses
       require 16 bytes.

       Upon successful completion, the inet_pton() function returns 1.	If the
       input  string is not a valid IPv4 dotted-decimal string or a valid IPv6
       address string, the function returns 0.	If any other error occurs, the
       function returns -1.

       If  the inet_pton() routine call fails, errno is set to one of the fol‐
       lowing values: The address family specified  in	the  af	 parameter  is

       Functions: getaddrinfo(3), inet_ntop(3).

       RFC 2373, IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture

       Network Programmer's Guide


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