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inet6_rth_space(3)					    inet6_rth_space(3)

       inet6_rth_space - Return the number of bytes required for an IPv6 Rout‐
       ing header

       #include <netinet/ip6.h>

       size_t inet6_rth_space(
	       int type,
	       int segments );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Specifies  the  type  of	  Routing   header.   The   valid   value   is
       IPV6_RTHDR_TYPE_0 for IPv6 Routing header type 0.  Specifies the number
       of segments or addresses that are to be included in the Routing header.
       The valid value is from 0 to 127, inclusive.

       The  inet6_rth_space()  function	 determines  the  amount  of space, in
       bytes, required for a Routing header. Although the function returns the
       amount  of  space  required,  it	 does  not allocate buffer space. This
       enables the application to allocate a larger buffer.

       If the application uses ancillary  data,	 it  must  pass	 the  returned
       length to CMSG_LEN() to determine the amount of memory required for the
       ancillary data object, including the cmsghdr structure.


       If an application wants to send other ancillary data objects,  it  must
       specify them to sendmsg() as a single msg_control buffer.

       Upon  successful completion, the inet6_rth_space() function returns the
       length, in bytes, of the Routing header and  the	 specified  number  of
       segments.   If  the  type is not supported or the number of segments is
       invalid for the type of Routing header, the function returns 0.

       Functions: inet6_rth_add(3),  inet6_rth_getaddr(3),  inet6_rth_init(3),
       inet6_rth_reverse(3), inet6_rth_segments(3).

       Network Programmer's Guide


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