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imapd(8)							      imapd(8)

       imapd - Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) server process


       The IMAP4rev1 server, imapd, accepts commands on its standard input and
       responds on its standard output.	 It is normally invoked by  the	 inetd
       command	and  it	 reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf

       If you want to take the IMAP server off line for a period of time,  you
       should  notify  the  client systems.  To do this, create a msg/shutdown
       file, edit it, and state the reason for the shut down.  Set  the	 owner
       of  the msg directory and the shutdown file to be the imap user. When a
       client system tries to access the server, imapd sends  the  first  line
       contained in the shutdown file to the client and closes the connection.

       If  you	want  to  send a message to the IMAP clients without disabling
       connections, create a msg/motd file, edit it,  and  add	your  message.
       Set  the	 owner	of  the msg directory and the motd file to be the imap
       user. The server sends the first line contained	in  the	 file  to  the
       clients	upon  connection  as  an  ALERT	 message, which IMAP-compliant
       clients are required to display. Access to mailboxes is unaffected.

       For debugging purposes, create a log/user directory.  When this	direc‐
       tory  exists, the imapd daemon creates protocol telemetry logs for ses‐
       sions authenticating as user.  The telemetry logs  are  stored  in  the
       log/user directory with the file name of the imapd process id.

       The  msg/shutdown  and msg/motd files and the log/user directory should
       be created under the directory specified in the configdirectory config‐
       uration	option of the imapd.conf file. The default value is /var/imap,
       as in /var/imap/msg/motd.

       Configuration file for the IMAP server

       Commands:  cyradm(1),  deliver(8),  imapd(8),  imapquota(8),  inetd(8),

       Files: imapd.conf(4)

       Network Administration: Services


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