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HASUBMIT(8)							   HASUBMIT(8)

       hasubmit - Host Agent data submission program

       hasubmit -s server [ [ -t type ] ... ] [ -c client ] [ -r | -a ] [ -L |
		-l log file ] [ -D debug_level ] [ -q ]

       The hasubmit program extracts Host Agent resource data  from  the  Host
       Agent  Client's	NSRLA  RAP  database,  and  forwards it to the hagentd
       process (hagentd) running on the Host Agent Server.

       Data submission normally happens automatically based on a schedule, but
       it may also be performed manually if desired.

       For  the	 automated  submission,	 the hagentd Host Agent Server process
       contains user-defined schedules which stipulate when the server	should
       contact the Host Agent Client's nsrexecd process and tell it to perform
       data submission by running the  hasubmit	 program.  Different  resource
       types may be submitted according to different schedules.

       -s     server_host_name
	      The  host name of the system whose Host Agent Server the results
	      are to be submitted to.

       -t     resource_type
	      The name of the resource type whose data is to be	 sent  to  the
	      Host  Agent  Server. If the resource type name contains any spe‐
	      cial characters (including space) then the entire resource  name
	      should be enclosed in quotes. Multiple -t resource_type argument
	      pairs may be supplied. If -t is  not  supplied  in  the  command
	      arguments, then all known Host Agent resource data types will be

       -c     client_host_name
	      The name of the client. The value used for  this	argument  must
	      match either the client name attribute or any of the values from
	      the aliases attribute in this client's Client  Resource  in  the
	      server's RAP database.

       -r     Treat the data submission as a replacement, rather than an addi‐
	      tion, when  the  data  is	 written  to  the  server's  database.
	      Replacement  means that only the new data is kept - any previous
	      resources of this type, submitted	 from  this  client,  will  be
	      removed from the server.	Replacement is the default behavior.

       -a     Treat the data submission as an addition, rather than a replace‐
	      ment.  Addition means that both the new and old data  will  con‐
	      tinue  to	 exist on the server, allowing a historical view to be
	      formed.  When the -a option is  used,  care  must	 be  taken  to
	      ensure that the size of the Host Agent Server's database is kept
	      under control.  See the haprune man page and the Host Agent Mas‐
	      ter  Resource  information  in  the hagentd man page for ways to
	      control the amount of historical data being kept

       -D     debug_level
	      Run hasubmit in a mode which  causes  debug  information	to  be
	      printed  out.   This option should only be used if EMC Technical
	      Support asks you to do so. The debug level argument controls the
	      verbosity	 of  debug  output  - higher values cause more verbose

       -L     Tells hasubmit that any logging information should be written to
	      the  default  application	 logfile  -  this file is named hasub‐
	      mit.log, and will be located in the applogs subdirectory of your
	      NetWorker	 installation  directory.   Only  one  of  "-L" or "-l
	      <log_file_name>" may be specified - not both.  If	 neither  "-L"
	      or  "-l <log_file_name>" is specified in the arguments to hasub‐
	      mit then any logging information will be printed on  stdout  and

       -l     log_file_name
	      Allows  you  to  specify the name of the file that hasubmit will
	      write its log to.	 Only one of "-L" or "-l <log_file_name>"  may
	      be   specified   -   not	 both.	  If   neither	 "-L"  or  "-l
	      <log_file_name>" is specified in the arguments to hasubmit  then
	      any logging information will be printed on stdout and stderr.

       -q     Query  Host  Agent  to find out which resource types may be used
	      with the -t argument. When -q is used, no actual data submission
	      will take place.

       Send this client's file-system information (collected by the Host Agent
       Client Module hafs ) to the Host Agent Server called myserver

			    hasubmit -s myserver -t "file system information"

       hasubmit will not succeed unless nsrexecd is running on the client sys‐
       tem, and hagentd is running on the server system.

       hagentd(8) hafs(8) hasys(8) hascsi(8) haprune(8)

NetWorker 7.3.2			  Aug 23, 06			   HASUBMIT(8)

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