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GTF(1)									GTF(1)

       gtf - calculate VESA GTF mode lines

       gtf  h-resolution  v-resolution	refresh	 [-v|--verbose]	 [-f|--fbmode]

       Gtf is a utility for calculating VESA GTF  modes.   Given  the  desired
       horizontal  and	vertical  resolutions  and  refresh  rate (in Hz), the
       parameters for a matching VESA GTF mode are printed  out.   Two	output
       formats	are  supported:	 mode lines suitable for the Xorg xorg.conf(5)
       file, and mode parameters suitable for the Linux fbset(8) utility.

	       Enable verbose printouts	 This shows a trace for each  step  of
	       the computation.

	       Print  the  mode	 parameters as Xorg-style mode lines.  This is
	       the default format.

	       Print the mode parameters in a format suitable for fbset(8).

       xorg.conf(5), cvt(1)

       Andy Ritger.

       This program is based on the Generalized Timing Formula (GTF(TM)) Stan‐
       dard  Version:  1.0,  Revision:	1.0.  The GTF Excel(TM) spreadsheet, a
       sample (and the definitive) implementation of the GTF  Timing  Standard
       is available at <>.

X Version 11		      xorg-server 1.13.0			GTF(1)

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