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gluBeginCurve()						       gluBeginCurve()

       gluBeginCurve, gluEndCurve - delimit a NURBS curve definition

       void gluBeginCurve(
	       GLUnurbs* nurb ); void gluEndCurve(
	       GLUnurbs* nurb );

       Specifies the NURBS object (created with gluNewNurbsRenderer()).

       Use  gluBeginCurve() to mark the beginning of a NURBS curve definition.
       After calling gluBeginCurve(), make  one	 or  more  calls  to  gluNurb‐
       sCurve()	 to  define  the  attributes  of the curve. Exactly one of the
       calls to gluNurbsCurve() must have a curve type of GL_MAP1_VERTEX_3  or
       GL_MAP1_VERTEX_4.  To  mark the end of the NURBS curve definition, call

       GL evaluators are used to render the NURBS curve as a  series  of  line
       segments.  Evaluator state is preserved during rendering with glPushAt‐
       trib()(GL_EVAL_BIT) and glPopAttrib().  See the	glPushAttrib()	refer‐
       ence page for details on exactly what state these calls preserve.

       The following commands render a textured NURBS curve with normals; tex‐
       ture coordinates and normals are also specified as NURBS curves: gluBe‐
	  gluNurbsCurve(nobj, ..., GL_MAP1_TEXTURE_COORD_2);
	  gluNurbsCurve(nobj, ..., GL_MAP1_NORMAL);
	  gluNurbsCurve(nobj, ..., GL_MAP1_VERTEX_4); gluEndCurve(nobj);

       gluBeginSurface(3),  gluBeginTrim(3),  gluNewNurbsRenderer(3), gluNurb‐
       sCurve(3), glPopAttrib(3), glPushAttrib(3)


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