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glVertex(3G)							  glVertex(3G)

       glVertex,  glVertex2d,  glVertex2f, glVertex2i, glVertex2s, glVertex3d,
       glVertex3f, glVertex3i, glVertex3s, glVertex4d, glVertex4f, glVertex4i,
       glVertex4s,  glVertex2dv, glVertex2fv, glVertex2iv, glVertex2sv, glVer‐
       tex3dv,	glVertex3fv,  glVertex3iv,  glVertex3sv,  glVertex4dv,	glVer‐
       tex4fv, glVertex4iv, glVertex4sv - specify a vertex

       void glVertex2d(
	       GLdouble x,
	       GLdouble y ); void glVertex2f(
	       GLfloat x,
	       GLfloat y ); void glVertex2i(
	       GLint x,
	       GLint y ); void glVertex2s(
	       GLshort x,
	       GLshort y ); void glVertex3d(
	       GLdouble x,
	       GLdouble y,
	       GLdouble z ); void glVertex3f(
	       GLfloat x,
	       GLfloat y,
	       GLfloat z ); void glVertex3i(
	       GLint x,
	       GLint y,
	       GLint z ); void glVertex3s(
	       GLshort x,
	       GLshort y,
	       GLshort z ); void glVertex4d(
	       GLdouble x,
	       GLdouble y,
	       GLdouble z,
	       GLdouble w ); void glVertex4f(
	       GLfloat x,
	       GLfloat y,
	       GLfloat z,
	       GLfloat w ); void glVertex4i(
	       GLint x,
	       GLint y,
	       GLint z,
	       GLint w ); void glVertex4s(
	       GLshort x,
	       GLshort y,
	       GLshort z,
	       GLshort w );

       Specify	x, y, z, and w coordinates of a vertex. Not all parameters are
       present in all forms of the command.

       void glVertex2dv(
	       const GLdouble *v ); void glVertex2fv(
	       const GLfloat *v ); void glVertex2iv(
	       const GLint *v ); void glVertex2sv(
	       const GLshort *v ); void glVertex3dv(
	       const GLdouble *v ); void glVertex3fv(
	       const GLfloat *v ); void glVertex3iv(
	       const GLint *v ); void glVertex3sv(
	       const GLshort *v ); void glVertex4dv(
	       const GLdouble *v ); void glVertex4fv(
	       const GLfloat *v ); void glVertex4iv(
	       const GLint *v ); void glVertex4sv(
	       const GLshort *v );

       Specifies a pointer to an array of two, three, or  four	elements.  The
       elements	 of a two-element array are x and y; of a three-element array,
       x, y, and z; and of a four-element array, x, y, z, and w.

       glVertex() commands are used within glBegin()/glEnd() pairs to  specify
       point,  line, and polygon vertices. The current color, normal, and tex‐
       ture coordinates are associated with  the  vertex  when	glVertex()  is

       When  only  x and y are specified, z defaults to 0 and w defaults to 1.
       When x, y, and z are specified, w defaults to 1.

       Invoking glVertex() outside of  a  glBegin()/glEnd()  pair  results  in
       undefined behavior.

       glBegin(3),  glCallList(3),  glColor(3), glEdgeFlag(3), glEvalCoord(3),
       glIndex(3),  glMaterial(3),  glNormal(3),   glRect(3),	glTexCoord(3),


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