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gettext(1scl)							 gettext(1scl)

       gettext - retrieve text string from message database

       gettext [option] [[[textdomain] msgid] | [-s [msgid]...]]

       The gettext command obtains and outputs a translated text string from a
       message object. The string corresponds to the  supplied	msgid  string.
       The message object is a file generated by the msgfmt(1scl) command.

       The  textdomain	argument  (if  present) is used to specify the message
       object file that is searched. If the textdomain argument is not	speci‐
       fied, the TEXTDOMAIN environment variable is used.

       If no text domain is specified, or a translated string cannot be found,
       then msgid is output.

       By   default,   gettext	 searches   for	  the	message	  object    in
       /usr/local/share/locale/lang/LC_MESSAGES	 where lang is the locale name
       specified with the  LANG	 or  LC_MESSAGES  environment  variable.   The
       TEXTDOMAINDIR  environment  variable can be used to specify an alterna‐
       tive location, replacing the pathname component up to lang.

       Unlike the Solaris implementation, there are a number of	 options  that
       can  be	specified  with this command. Type gettext -h to display their

       Specifies the locale name Specifies the messaging locale name, overrid‐
       ing LANG for messages Specifies the text domain name in which the msgid
       is searched.  Specifies the location of the message database.

       If the LANG environment variable is set to a valid value for  the  sys‐
       tem,  then  the	corresponding  locale  category	 values will change to
       match. The command locale -a will display a list of valid locale values
       to which LANG can be defined.

       If  LANG	 is  defined  to be an invalid value, the corresponding locale
       categories will not change and so an environment value for  LC_MESSAGES
       must be defined. This will specify the location of the message database
       beneath the locale directory.

       This command is implemented by the GNU gettext  package.	 This  is  not
       supplied	 with SCL but can be downloaded from GNU distribution sites or
       obtained from the Freeware Source CD that is supplied with Tru64	 UNIX.
       Additional  documentation  about	 this command can be obtained by using
       the info command once GNU gettext has been installed.

       Commands: locale(1), msgfmt(1scl)

       Function: gettext(3scl)

       Manual: Solaris Compatibility Library User's Guide


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