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getpass(3)							    getpass(3)

       getpass - Reads a password

       #include <unistd.h>

       char *getpass(
	       const char *prompt );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Interfaces  documented on this reference page conform to industry stan‐
       dards as follows:

       getpass():  XSH4.2

       Refer to the standards(5) reference page	 for  more  information	 about
       industry standards and associated tags.

       Points to the prompt string that is written to stderr.

       The  getpass()  function	 opens the process' controlling terminal file,
       flushes output, disables echoing, and reads up to a  newline  character
       or  an end-of-file (EOF) character. The terminal state is then restored
       and the controlling terminal is closed.

       If the getpass() function is interrupted by the SIGINT signal, the ter‐
       minal  state  is restored before the signal is delivered to the calling

       [Tru64 UNIX]  The getpass()  function  is  not  threadsafe  because  it
       manipulates global signal state.

       The  getpass() function is scheduled to be withdrawn from a future ver‐
       sion of the X/Open CAE Specification.

       Upon successful completion, the getpass() function  returns  a  pointer
       string  of  no  more than PASS_MAX bytes plus a terminating null value.
       This return value points to data	 that  is  overwritten	by  successive
       calls.  If the controlling terminal file cannot be opened, the terminal
       state is restored and a null pointer is returned.

       The getpass() function sets errno to the specified values for the  fol‐
       lowing  conditions: [Tru64 UNIX]	 Search permission is denied on a com‐
       ponent of the pathname prefix; or the file exists and  the  permissions
       specified  by the mode parameter are denied; or the file does not exist
       and write permission is denied for the parent directory of the file  to
       be  created.  The function was interrupted by a signal that was caught.
       Too many file descriptors are currently open  in	 the  calling  process
       (exceeding OPEN_MAX).

	      [Tru64  UNIX]  Either the OPEN_MAX value or the per-process soft
	      descriptor limit is checked.  Too many files are currently  open
	      in  the  system.	[Tru64 UNIX]  The named file does not exist or
	      the path parameter points to an empty string.  The process  does
	      not have a controlling terminal.

       Functions: fopen(3).

       Files: tty(7), termios(4).

       Standards: standards(5)


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