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getnetgrent(3)							getnetgrent(3)

       getnetgrent,  setnetgrent,  endnetgrent,	 innetgr  -  Get network group

       #include <unistd.h>

       int innetgr(
	       char *netgroup,
	       char *machine,
	       char *user,
	       char *domain ); void setnetgrent(
	       char *netgroup ); void endnetgrent(
	       void ); int getnetgrent(
	       char **machinep,
	       char **userp,
	       char **domainp );

       Standard C Library (, libc.a)

       The innetgr() routine accesses the netgroup file and checks to  see  if
       the  specified input parameters match an entry in the file. The routine
       returns 1 if it matches an entry, or 0 if it does not. Any of the three
       strings;	 machine,  user,  or  domain  can be NULL, which signifies any
       string in that position is valid.

       The getnetgrent() routine returns the next member of a  network	group.
       After  the call, machinep will contain a pointer to a string containing
       the name of the machine part of the network group member, and similarly
       for  userp  and domainp. If machinep, userp or domainp is returned as a
       NULL pointer, it signifies any string is valid. The getnetgrent routine
       allocates  space	 for the name by using the malloc routine.  This space
       is released when an endnetgrent() call is made.	The getnetgrent() rou‐
       tine  returns  1 if it succeeds in obtaining another member of the net‐
       work group, or 0 if it reaches the end of the group.

       The setnetgrent() routine establishes the network group from which get‐
       netgrent()  will	 obtain	 members,  and	also restarts calls to getnet‐
       grent() from the beginning of the list. If the  previous	 setnetgrent()
       call  was  to  a	 different  network  group,  an	 endnetgrent() call is

       The endnetgrent() routine releases the space allocated during the  get‐
       netgrent() calls.

       Note  that  the	netgroup  file is distributed by NIS and exists in its
       original, readable form on  the	NIS  master  server  only.  NIS	 slave
       servers	distribute copies of the netgroup maps created from the origi‐
       nal on the master.


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