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getclock(3)							   getclock(3)

       getclock - Get current value of system-wide clock

       #include <sys/timers.h>

       int getclock(
	       int clktyp,
	       struct timespec *tp );

       Standard C Library (libc)

       Identifies  a  system-wide clock.  Points to a timespec structure space
       where the current value of the system-wide clock is stored.

       The getclock() function sets the current value of the  clock  specified
       by clktyp into the location pointed to by the tp parameter.

       The  clktyp  parameter is given as a symbolic constant name, as defined
       in the sys/timers.h include file. Only the TIMEOFDAY symbolic constant,
       which  specifies the normal time-of-day clock to access for system-wide
       time, is supported.

       For the clock specified by TIMEOFDAY, the value returned by this	 func‐
       tion  is	 the  elapsed time since the epoch. The epoch is referenced to
       00:00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) 1 Jan 1970.

       The getclock() function returns a timespec structure, which is  defined
       in the sys/timers.h header file. It has the following members:


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