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get_info(9r)							  get_info(9r)

       get_info - General: Returns system-specific information

       #include <devdriver.h>

       u_int get_info(
	       struct item_list *item_list );

       Specifies a linked list of information requests.

       The get_info routine returns system-specific data assigned to the hard‐
       ware platform that the driver operates on. For example, a device driver
       might request system-specific information for the following Alpha hard‐
       ware platforms: DEC 3000 Model 300 AXP Workstation, DEC 3000 Model  500
       AXP Workstation, and DEC 4000 Model 610 AXP System.

       The  get_info  routine  checks  the  function code that you pass in the
       function member of the item_list data structure. If the hardware	 plat‐
       form  that  the	driver operates on supports the system item associated
       with this function code, get_info returns the system-specific data  for
       the  system  item in the output_data member of the item_list structure.
       For example, get_info returns the TURBOchannel clock speed in the  out‐
       put_data	 member of the item_list structure if you specify the constant
       GET_TC_SPEED in the function member of the item_list structure.

       The get_info routine then performs the identical checks for the rest of
       the item_list structures in the linked list.

       The  get_info  routine  is  a generic interface that maps to a hardware
       platform-specific interface that actually returns the assigned CPU-spe‐
       cific data for the specified CPU. Using this routine to obtain CPU-spe‐
       cific information makes the driver more portable across	different  CPU
       architectures and different CPU types within the same architecture.

       The  return  value  from	 the get_info routine depends on the following
       issues: The hardware platform supports get_info

	      In this case, get_info returns the  value	 TRUE.	 The  hardware
	      platform does not support get_info

	      In this case, get_info returns the value NOT_SUPPORTED.

       If  get_info  returns  the  value TRUE, it returns one of the following
       values in the rtn_status member of the item_list data structure:	 Indi‐
       cates  that the hardware platform that the driver currently operates on
       supports the requested system item.  Indicates that the hardware	 plat‐
       form  that the driver operates on does not support the requested system

       Routines: do_config(9r), get_config(9r)

       Data Structures: item_list(9s)


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