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gcore(1)							      gcore(1)

       gcore - get core images of running processes

       gcore [-o  filename] processid...

       Substitute  filename  in place of core as the first part of the name of
       the core image files.

       Identification number of the process.

       Creates a core image of each specified process. Such an	image  may  be
       used  with  debuggers such as dbx.  The name of the core image file for
       the process, whose process ID is process-id, will be core.process-id.

       It may be noted that, when the command dbx is used, the core file  must
       be  named after the program  name. For example, if the command gcore is
       used to create a core file  of  a  program  named  hello,  the  command
       sequence	 might	be:  $hello & [1] 26347 $gcore 26347 gcore: core.26347
       dumped $dbx hello core.26347

       It may also be noted that the core image is produced in	the  directory
       where the process is initialized. For the processes whose environmental
       variable PWD is present, core image is generated in the current	direc‐
       tory.  For  the	processes  whose PWD environment variable is NULL, the
       core image is generated in the directory where the process is  initial‐
       ized.  An  appropriate usage message is printed out to stdout to notify
       the same.

       Some of the files that are referenced by absolute path in the System  V
       Environment  for	 [Tru64 UNIX]  man pages may actually be located rela‐
       tive to /usr/opt/svr4. This is particularly true in  the	 case  wherein
       the inclusive view option has not been installed.

       Success.	 An error occurred.

       Commands: csh(1), dbx(1), kill(1) and ptrace(2)


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