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FLOAT_TO_EXP(3)						       FLOAT_TO_EXP(3)

       float_to_exp - Convert floating point values into "exponential" pixels.

       #include <rle.h>

       float_to_exp( count, floats, pixels )
       int count;
       float * floats;
       rle_pixel * pixels;

       The   function  float_to_exp  converts  count  floating	point  numbers
       (pointed to by floats) into count+1 bytes (pointed to by pixels)	 using
       an  "exponential"  format.  This format generates count pixels as eight
       bit "mantissa" values, and another byte containing  a  common  exponent
       for  all	 of the data values.  This format has a wider dynamic range of
       values with little extra overhead.  The inverse mapping is
	    float expnt, flt_val;
	    rle_pixel exponent, val;
	    expnt = ldexp( 1/256.0, (int)exponent - 127 );
	    flt_val = (float)val * expnt;

       Files containing exponential data may  be  converted  into  displayable
       images  using  the unexp(1) command.  Unexp should be used before using
       any tools that perform arithmetic on pixel values,  or  displaying  the
       image.	Unexp  expects	files  containing  exponential data to have an
       "exponential_data" picture comment.

       unexp(1), rle_putcom(3), librle(3), RLE(5).

       John W. Peterson, based on code by Spencer Thomas.
       University of Utah

4th Berkeley Distribution      November 10, 1987	       FLOAT_TO_EXP(3)

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