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files(4)							      files(4)

       files - File control database (Enhanced Security)

       The  file control database (/etc/auth/system/files) is designed to help
       the Information System Security Officer (ISSO) maintain	the  integrity
       of  the system. The database contains entries for system data files and
       executable files that require certain attributes.  Some	files  require
       certain	attributes  to provide protection against unauthorized access,
       while others require a specific set of attributes to  accomplish	 their
       intended function.

       The  database  is used by the library routine create_file_securely() to
       determine the set of attributes for a newly created file. Many programs
       associated  with the trusted computing base (TCB) use this library rou‐
       tine for file creation to ensure that  file  attributes	are  set  cor‐

       A  broad range of attributes can be specified in the file control data‐
       base.  Specific choices depend upon  the	 exact	system	configuration.
       These  choices  are as follows: This field specifies the owner name for
       the entry. If an owner name is not specified and the entry  is  created
       using  create_file_securely(),  the  owner of the file will be the real
       user ID of the process creating the file.   This	 field	specifies  the
       group  name  for	 the  entry.  If a group name is not specified and the
       entry is created using create_file_securely(), the group	 of  the  file
       will be the real group ID of the process creating the file.  This field
       specifies the mode word for the entry. If the mode word is  not	speci‐
       fied  and  create_file_securely()  is  used to create the entry, a mode
       word of 0 (zero) is assigned to the new file.   This  field  identifies
       the  type  of  the  entry. This field is not taken into account by cre‐
       ate_file_securely() when a file is being created. The  library  routine
       will only create regular files.	Choices for the type field are as fol‐
       lows: Regular file  Directory  FIFO  device  (pipe)  Character  special
       device Block special device Socket

       The  following example is a typical file control database entry for the
       program /sbin/newfs:


       This entry specifies that the newfs program has bin as  its  owner  and
       group, that it is a regular file, and that its mode is 0111.

       The following example shows an entry for a site-specific directory that
       contains help files for an application:

	    :f_type=d:f_mode#0750:\	 :chkent;

       This  entry  specifies  the  owner of the /appl/help_files directory as
       appadmin, the group as appl, and the mode as 0750.

       Specifies the pathname of the file control database.

       Functions: getprfient(3)

       Files: authcap(4)


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