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fegetexceptflag(3M)	Mathematical Library Functions	   fegetexceptflag(3M)

       fegetexceptflag,	 fesetexceptflag  -  get and set floating-point status

       cc [ flag... ] file... -lm [ library... ]
       #include <fenv.h>

       int fegetexceptflag(fexcept_t *flagp, int excepts);

       int fesetexceptflag(const fexcept_t *flagp, int excepts);

       The fegetexceptflag() function attempts	to  store  an  implementation-
       defined representation of the states of the floating-point status flags
       indicated by the excepts argument in the object pointed to by the flagp

       The  fesetexceptflag() function attempts to set the floating-point sta‐
       tus flags indicated by the excepts argument to the states stored in the
       object  pointed	to  by	flagp. The value pointed to by flagp will have
       been set by a previous call to fegetexceptflag() whose second  argument
       represented at least those floating-point exceptions represented by the
       excepts argument. This function does not	 raise	floating-point	excep‐
       tions but only sets the state of the flags.

       If   the	 representation	 was  successfully  stored,  fegetexceptflag()
       returns 0. Otherwise, it returns a non-zero value.

       If the excepts argument is 0 or if all the  specified  exceptions  were
       successfully  set, fesetexceptflag() returns 0. Otherwise, it returns a
       non-zero value.

       No errors are defined.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       │      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     │	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   │
       │Interface Stability	     │Standard			   │
       │MT-Level		     │MT-Safe			   │

       fenv.h(3HEAD),	feclearexcept(3M),   feraiseexcept(3M),	  fesetexcept‐
       flag(3M), attributes(5), standards(5)

SunOS 5.11			  1 Sep 2002		   fegetexceptflag(3M)

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