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       ext_srvtab  -  extract service key files from Kerberos key distribution
       center database

       ext_srvtab [ -n ] [ -r realm ] [ hostname ...  ]

       ext_srvtab extracts service key files from the Kerberos	key  distribu‐
       tion center (KDC) database.

       Upon  execution, it prompts the user to enter the master key string for
       the database.  If the -n option is specified, the master key is instead
       fetched from the master key cache file.

       For each hostname specified on the command line, ext_srvtab creates the
       service key file hostname-new-srvtab, containing all the entries in the
       database	 with  an  instance field of hostname.	This new file contains
       all the keys registered for Kerberos-mediated  service  providing  pro‐
       grams which use the krb_get_phost(3) principal and instance conventions
       to run on the host hostname.  If the -r option is specified, the	 realm
       fields in the extracted file will match the given realm rather than the
       local realm.

       "verify_master_key: Invalid master key, does not match database."
			   The master key string entered was incorrect.

       hostname-new-srvtab Service key file generated for hostname

       /etc/kerberosIV/principal.pag, /etc/kerberosIV/principal.dir
			   DBM files containing database

			   Master key cache file.

       read_service_key(3), krb_get_phost(3)

MIT Project Athena	     Kerberos Version 4.0		 EXT_SRVTAB(8)

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