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       expireover - Expire entries from the news overview database

       expireover  [  -a  ]  [	-D overviewdir ] [ -f file ] [ -n ] [ -O over‐
       view.fmt ] [ -s ] [ -v ] [ -z ] [ file...  ]

       Expireover expires entries from the news overview database.  It reads a
       list    of    pathnames	  (relative    to    the    spool   directory,
       /var/spool/news/spool), from the specified files or standard  input  if
       none  are  specified.  (A file name of ``-'' may be used to specify the
       standard input.)	 It then removes any mention of	 those	articles  from
       the  appropriate	 overview  database.  If the ``-z'' flag is used, then
       the input is assumed to be sorted such that all entries for a newsgroup
       appear  together	 so  that  it can be purged at once.  This flag can be
       useful when used with the sorted output of expire(8)'s ``-z'' flag.

       If the ``-s'' flag is used, then expireover will read the spool	direc‐
       tory  for  all  groups  mentioned in the active(5) file, and remove the
       overview entries for any articles that do not appear.   To  specify  an
       alternate  file,	 use the ``-f'' flag; a name of ``-'' is taken to mean
       the standard input.

       The ``-a'' flag reads the spool directory and adds any missing overview
       entries.	  It will create files if necessary.  This can be used to ini‐
       tialize a database, or to sync up a overview database that may be lack‐
       ing  articles  due  to  a crash.	 Overchan should be running, to ensure
       that any incoming articles get included.	 Using this flag  implies  the
       ``-s''  flag;  the  ``-f'' flag may be used to add only a subset of the

       To see a list of the entries that would be added or  deleted,  use  the
       ``-v'' flag.  To perform no real updates, use the ``-n'' flag.

       The  ``-D'' flag can be used to specify where the databases are stored.
       The default directory is /var/spool/news/spool.

       The ``-O'' flag may be used to specify an alternate  location  for  the
       overview.fmt(5) file; this is normally only useful for debugging.

       Written	by  Rob	 Robertson  <rob@violet.berkeley.edu>  and  Rich  $alz
       <rsalz@uunet.uu.net> (with help from Dave Laurence <tale@uunet.uu.net>)
       for InterNetNews.  This is revision 1.3, dated 1993/03/18.

       expire(8), overview.fmt(5).


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